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Only this time let your finger zero in on the bull's-eye.

"Lightly dance around his nipples and the areolae with your fingertip to draw out the excitement," says Queen.

"The cremaster, which lines the inside of the scrotum and extends into the groin, controls testicular contractions," explains Barbara Bartlik, MD, a psychiatrist and sex therapist at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City.

Another pucker ploy: "Take his lower lip into your mouth, and with the tip of your tongue, lick the little nook where his lip and chin meet," suggests Paget.So take advantage of Mother Nature — and give your guy the kind of big O that'll make his head spin — by working against gravity and gently tugging on his pals as you're giving him oral (when you have primo access).Start by teasing his inner thighs with your tongue.Then, "take his penis into your mouth, cup the scrotum with one hand and pull it away from his body," says Lou Paget, author of "Start off very gently, and ask your partner to let you know how hard he wants you to pull," suggests Paget."Get into a rhythmic pattern, working your hands in tandem with your mouth movements to virtually double the sensation." You're most likely aware that guys have something called a prostate, but you probably didn't realize it's also a pleasure minefield.

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"It's like giving him a sexy internal massage." Sure, smooching is hot, but you might not think of his kisser as one of the most thrill-inducing parts of his body.