Secret friends chat

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Secret friends chat

Do be sure and get the organic variety as we really have no way of knowing what pesticides it is sprayed with.

The powder is often sold in 8 to 16 ounce bags and you will often see savings for multi-packs, which store in the pantry very easily.

It adds a great taste to many meats and has been used in barbequing sauces for decades.

It can also be used in smoothies, desserts, salad dressings or as a topping for vegetable dishes.Shannon will be posting a great shake recipe that even the kids will love (see Chocolate Malted Shake).Email To A Friend Disclaimer: The information in this post is meant for educational purposes only.Some people blend it with flour to vary the taste and reap the benefits.Muscle Building Ask a body builder or power lifter if lysine is important to them, and you will get an quick “Yes! Lysine is an essential amino acid, not made by the body, which is an important component in muscle building.

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This powder was so valuable to the Native American that it was used as a form of money when bartering with neighboring tribes.