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Generally, if you are out somewhere and making hot bedroom eyes with a dude, he is more than likely to attempt and strike up a conversation and hopefully ask you out. The men over here are hopeless at making the first move; I don't know if it's some weird cultural thing that hearkens back to the middle ages, but dudes over here seem completely oblivious.

And I don't care how many times someone says that Scottish men are just shy because I'm shy too.

The music is also available via a digital download code included in the box.

"The Vinyl Singles Collection 1984 - 1989" features all the 7" singles from the second part of the Eighties and features tracks such as Rollin' Home, The Wanderer and In the Army Now.

Perhaps it's an old puritan tradition that ‘Toronto the Good’ hasn't quite gotten rid of, but folks tend to opt out for the more traditional route of ‘courting’.

That is, two individuals meet and exchange numbers/emails; one individual waits for a designated amount of days before calling/emailing the other; the individuals meet for dinner and have lengthy flirtatious in-depth discussions about life and themselves.

From food to festivals, pets to property law, you'll never want to question the Scottish way of doing things every Scottish man ever.

Oddly, there also seems to be a Culture of Seriousness that surrounds a ‘traditional date’ over here.

This carefully curated release is the third in a series of 5 limited edition Status Quo 7" singles box sets.

Each set covers a decade (in the case of the Eighties there are two sets) of the band's UK singles.

Available after the show to concert goers, limited edition CDs and downloads are available from: https://statusquo.Also available is 'The Last Night Of The Electrics', a sensational live set recorded at the band's barnstorming show at London’s O2 in December 2016.

This concert is released on a series of formats: 2CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Limited Edition 180g Black Triple Vinyl with side 6 etched (double gatefold), ear BOOK (with 2 x Audio CD, 1 x DVD & 1 x Blu-ray, coffee table book including approx. Buy 'The Last Night Of The Electrics' in all formats from: https://statusquo.Status Quo released "The Vinyl Singles Collection 1984 - 1989", on 4 August 2017 via UMC [Cat No 5728752].

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Although we dressed up, a lot of the other girls were completely styled to the nines with the latest fashions from Top Shop.