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We have contacted the vendor "SAI Global" about it and we are working with them to get the issues resolved.

Costabile-Heming has been awarded two fellowships to support her travel to Germany this summer to complete the research for her book on contemporary German author, Friedrich Christian Delius.The study's goal is not necessarily to boil attraction down to a science, but rather to see how attraction is affected by how people view themselves and how they act.“Most of the research to date has focused on ‘typical’ relationship initiation and few studies have considered how emotional states and symptoms of emotional disorders could affect attraction and relationship initiation,” says Trew. Moreover, taxonomic nomenclature differs amongst available information.While each of the five protected areas maintain species checklists, they are in different formats and categorize the status of species quite differently.

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In total these four parks protect 98 300 km 2 and combine to form the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site (Danby and Slocombe 2002).

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