Rsvp dating agency reviews

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Rsvp dating agency reviews

Warning: This article discusses research into casual sex and male-female relationships with little regard for political correctness or social niceties.

It also contains the occasional use of words that you normally wouldn’t use during a job interview. Decades ago, the standard approach to human courtship was pretty simple: A man of average appearance and means, having realized he couldn’t do any better, would set his sights on a girl of average appearance and ask her out.

When a man has a one night stand, he pretty much expects one thing: Sex. And even then, there’s a good chance he’s dreaming about these things.

You know, it’s funny how women spend so much time trying to work men out, when we’re really not that complicated. OK, OK, I’m oversimplifying things a little; some of us blokes are actually pretty cluey and have many other interests, and we create interesting and unusual stuff, and sometimes even come up with world-changing innovations.

And according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): --Syphilis, once on the verge of elimination, increased 15.2% between 20 (the last year that data is available), and is now striking more women and their infants than ever.

--Reported cases of chlamydia (which can lead to infertility) and gonorrhoea - estimated to represent only half of actual cases since so many go undiagnosed - were the highest in history in 2007, with the rate of chlamydia among women three times that of men.

Now don’t get me wrong here: the quest to eradicate the dreaded disease of testicular ischemia (known in medical circles as ) was an eminently noble one. They believed that turning your genitals into the physiological equivalent of a bus terminal would somehow bring about a higher state of consciousness, enlightenment and ultimately happiness.

You know, in much the same way that frying your brain with LSD would… Combined with the introduction of the “the Pill”, panties started dropping like pins at a bowling tournament, and kept doing so all the way through the 1970s.

If the answer was no, the couple would officially become “boyfriend/girlfriend”, then eventually get engaged, then finally married, which would allow the male the regular sex he had dreamed of for so long.

The pair-bonding process leading to marriage in the above scenario was known as “courting”, and it served its purpose with little competition up until the 1960s. The reality, of course, is that they didn’t change diddly, their self-aggrandizing nostalgia notwithstanding.

The world has since become an even more corrupt, materialistic, and sinister place, and the same war-mongering elite oligarchy that was running the planet back then continues to do so today.

Yep, sexual discernment became a quaint relic of history, and indiscriminately getting your rocks off with sheilas sporting tie-dyed clothing and hairy armpits became the done thing. Things slowed down a little bit in the mid-80s after the introduction of AIDS, but MTV promptly remedied this by freely airing music videos that a few years earlier would’ve attracted an R-rating and required photo ID.

Then along came the Internet with free 24-hour access to porn and websites that specialized in stuff like helping married people secure extra-curricular hook-ups.

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