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I think the series is an extremely important one, and I hope Tristan makes many more.This one was not my favorite (although James and Bobbi’s scene is badass), but if you are into food play and clothespins, you may find much more to love than I did.I ensured him and kinda showed him what to do to ease him in to it and how hard I like it. I think that might scare him lol its really funny because to look at him he's tall and stocky a proper mans man but is all gentle and fluffy in the bedroom ha ha!just goes to show don't judge a book by its cover x I think we all like it a bit rough really!!

I don’t know if Vivid has a “NO GAY MALES” policy, but if they don’t, this needs to happen.

Other than that, there are a lot of clothespins, spitting into mouths, and Adrianna deepthroating like the champ she is. I did appreciate that way Mark slurped his own come off Adrianna at the end, as if he hadn’t eaten for a week.

The pony play scene disappointed the hell out of me.

Besides that great disappointment, I was also bothered by the inconsistency of the sound level from shot to shot in many of the scenes.

Some angles have a ton of room noise (nooooo), while others do not, making the cuts extremely jarring to my ears. I could also hear the camera being maneuvered around, which reminded me of crappy home movies, and some of the cuts between sex acts are very sudden.

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