Rapid updating of drivers v8 0 build 15

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Since all required files are present within a separate folder of my "mod signed" driverpacks, nothing has to be downloaded separately.

The Intel RST drivers of the v15 platform have been designed and optimized by Intel just for the newest Intel 100-/200-Series and X99 Chipsets.

Due to the modification of the related INF files the above listed Intel RST drivers will be installable onto older Intel Chipset AHCI/RAID systems, but may not properly work.

Users with an older Intel Chipset system should better take a driver, which belongs to the v13 or v14 platform.

That is the reason why the "driver modification" doesn't have any negative impact on the function of the absolutely untouched Intel AHCI and RAID drivers, The latest Windows Operating Systems from Win8 up have a feature named "Driver Signature Enforcement", which does not allow to get any driver installed, which has no valid digital signature.Drivers for these platforms will not be available on It's understandable given the hardware involved that they will not support WDDM 1.2. What isn't fine is relegating these chips to legacy status after just 2.5 years - much shorter than AMD or Nvidia. In the event Intel does release non-legacy drivers in the future, please disregard this guide and download those drivers instead. Navigate to the Graphics folder and open the file located here. NTamd64.6.0] (or equivalent for 32-bit) and paste it under [Intel Gfx. Getting the drivers to install will require enabling Test Mode.Case in point: Nvidia is now moving the Geforce 6-series to legacy support after an impressive 9 years of support. Intel is updating drivers for Arrandale/Clarkdale users on Windows Vista and 7, and so with some manipulation users can get those to install on Windows 8. To do so, open an elevated Command Prompt and run the following commands to disable Test Mode (tip from here): bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON Step 5: Reboot and install the drivers.Users of computers with second- and third-generation Core processors are, for now, the only users Intel are supporting with an actively developed driver for Windows 8. Unfortunately that essentially excludes any user who purchased a computer (most likely a laptop) prior to 2011.In particular, the users of first-gen Core CPUs (graphics codenamed "Arrandale" and "Clarkdale") such as yours truly.

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So my answer is: You have to test it yourself and report here regarding your results.

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