Quick text and fuck

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Quick text and fuck

She didn't want to embarrass herself too much by putting up a pic of her in panties, so she sent him a face pic."Only a face pic?

" he asked."Ya my friends don't approve of me sending body pics," she replied."Your friends? " she replied back."You seem more tired than me, so how about I come over to your place," he replied, as the forwardness blindsided her."Do you even know what I want?

Pulling out her phone, she opened up a popular dating app and swiped left on most of the men.

One man looked like Ryan Gosling, no doubt good looking but not exactly her type.

Immediately, she messaged him."So what are you doing tonight? Maybe my friends are out of town, you seem like the lonely one," she replied."Easy there, I mess around with people, so you're not going out either, we're both bored," he said."Hi I am not bored!

" she texted."Swiping left and right," he replied."I know that stupid! " she replied."We I can make this night more fun," he said."How do I even know you're real?

" she shouted, in her high pitched voice while giving him a fierce look.She tried to dominate the session by throwing her face against his and trying to push him back, showing him how good of a kisser she can be.Her tongue violently tried to move around in his mouth, making her think she had the upper hand until he started to move his tongue.Going out was not much of an option for her as she was at a lack of energy and didn't have a crew.On a hot and humid Friday night, the lonely woman went up to her apartment and settled in, stripping down to her shirt and panties.

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