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Women like this have the emotional age of a young child and their emotions ricochet from wild, joyous passion to utmost sorrow.This type of psycho will often exhibit temper tantrums such asgetting loud and rude when you’re having a disagreement in public and screaming at the top of her lungs and even approaching you as if she’s going to get physical.Regardless of your constant assurances that you only care about her, she feels threatened when you discuss your previous relationships, gets angry and even has rages when you talk with female relatives, hates the idea of meeting your female friends and refers to all of them as skanks. She’s controlling your life Do you have a hard time remembering the last time you had an opinion? Do you constantly find yourself on the defensive, having to explain all your actions and words?If so, it’s because you’re being completely controlled.'Heading to Adelaide for our first show,' he wrote in the caption.He was then photographed stepping out of a white tour bus upon arrival, dressed in his usual flamboyant attire.One minute she’ll love you and the next she’ll be picking fights or screaming at you for some imagined transgression on your part. The next second, she is weeping her eyes out and overcome by misery.Any little bit of change in the day can cause her to react (or overreact) with a tornado of unnecessary emotions.

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shaming you for your thoughts, actions, every time you voice an opinion and will never try to understand your views. She makes paranoid assumptions If another woman calls you on the phone, even if it’s your boss or a female relative, she loses it, and goes into the grand questioning.

Even if your 2 or 3 minutes late getting home, she asks what took you so long, or says “.

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Do not deny the world its one and only chance to bask in your brilliance.” Although we like to think of women as gentle and kind beings, there are some that do nothing butbreed chaos, misunderstanding and insanity in relationships–especially when things don’t go their way.