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If you hail from a Windows environment, you may think of keeping your sources updated as about the first half of the Free BSD procedure which corresponds to Windows Update.Since 5.5-RELEASE systems, portsnap is used maintain the ports tree. An easy way to update through subversion is to install svnup; edit its configuration file; then run the command with the option set in /usr/local/etc/.Free BSD provides two sanctioned methods for downloading and installing additional software onto the system.

While you can install and use alternatives to the bundled software, you cannot easily or safely remove the ones that are included in the base system as these are considered functionally essential parts of the operating system.

Within this directory, the first level subdirectory categorizes software primarily according to function or language.

Within these directories, folders exist for each individual piece of software.

In contrast, optional software is managed using different processes, tools, and locations within the filesystem.

Unlike software from the base system, optional software is configured within the directory.


Forgetting to refresh the ports hierarchy can result in build failures as the ports try to fetch and build files that may not be valid anymore.