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The first is a new book, Hunt for the Jews: Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland, published this October.

Written by Polish historian Jan Grabowski, the son of a Holocaust survivor, a graduate of Warsaw University and currently a history professor at University of Ottawa, it records the massacres of Jews by their neighbors in his native Poland, until now a little-told chapter of Holocaust history.

Lower forces us to knowledge that historians have till now ignored the role of German women in the story of Nazi genocide and Hitler’s plan for the “final solution.” Her book is a deeply disturbing chronicle of women’s participation in the Holocaust, not only as “desk murderers” — secretaries and administrators whose weapon was not a Luger or a gas chamber but a typewriter — but also, as Lower reveals in chilling detail, capable of the same savagery as their male counterparts.

This she takes pains to emphasize is a fact often overlooked by Holocaust scholars and historians, a shocking truth whose evidence has been hidden for more than 70 years.

Gross described the atrocities in almost unbearable detail: Men and women were hacked to death with knives, iron hooks, and axes.

Small children were thrown with pitchforks onto a bonfire.

I tried to understand how only very few of those Jews who decided to hide were able to stay alive until 1945,” says Grabowski.To reveal them is to pay the victims the greatest tribute of all by making their fate an impossibility for the future.And that, I believe, is what makes three groundbreaking works of the past few weeks so very important.Till now historians blamed the massacre on the Nazis.Gross argues that “a virulent Polish anti-Semitism was liberated by German occupation.” Neighbors sets the record straight as to the identity of the criminals.

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Many tried to escape through the surrounding fields, but only seven succeeded.

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