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Phantom of the opera dating quiz

All opinions and epic rants about this sequel aside, what really knocked me on my Broadway-loving butt was that a song, a grand, sweeping Andrew Lloyd Webber duet, reveals to the audience that the Phantom and Christine hooked up. The character whose hands trembled when he tried to touch Christine in the original show, and had a breakdown after getting a kiss on the forehead from her in the book, was on stage belting about “taking” her “again and then again” (I am still astounded by the subtlety) and confidently flirting with her. His horribly disfigured face had been a nice little metaphor for my insecurity.

Now don’t get me wrong, my inner phangirl was squealing a bit to see the character I love finally getting what he deserved, and my inner hormone-addled teenageer didn’t mind seeing the guy with the sexy voice go all macho on Christine. His lair under the opera house made my own loneliness seem easier to bear.

But the original plot, brought to us by Monsieur Leroux, revolves around this wussy Swedish girl named Christine who has a hot, rich, titled and mind-numbingly safe boyfriend (Raoul), along with an unstable, musical genius stalker who loves Christine more than life itself (The Phantom of the Opera, aka the Opera Ghost, aka the Trapdoor Lover, aka Erik.) Anyway, the driving force of the play is that Erik loves Christine, but is too messed up (in appearance and actions) to ever have her.

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