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Peggingdating com

Yeah, the population of the willing is kinda sparse, or so it seems.And for more than one reason, that surprises me some. Hewlitt Packer, ebay, and several other large corps have had female CEO's since then.Otherwise..humor was "right up my alley" speak (pun intended). But I thought/hoped my opening question here would be easier to answer.

I also asked him alot of questions while doing it the first couple times.Yes, I'm fully aware that anal play stimulates the prostate gland in the male, and the sensation can be pleasurable to some, but it does nothing for me, and I prefer not to go there. There are external ways of stimulating the prostate gland that don't involve penetration.My one foray into anal play involved a man who enjoyed the feeling of an applicator of birth control cream shot up his rear, and wanted it done to him over and over again.I've experimented, but sparsely, found it novel, interesting enough to be open to the opportunity in the future, but what I know no more than scratch about is what goes through her head, and heart, and loins while pegging her man.My question here targets just that, her "take" on the activity, or the path to or away from it, not the morality, indecency, health concerns or rumors, or snide commentary that too often attends the subject.

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I also read once that people DO to their partners what they'd like DONE to them, so that can be a non-verbal clue.

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