Oromo single dating

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Oromo single dating

Furthermore, according to Bahrey, the inhabitants of the pillaged areas were enslaved, becoming gebrs (Ge'ez ገብር gabr; Amh. gebri), a term referring more precisely to "tax-paying serfs", similar to the serfs in Ethiopia during feudal times.Emperor Gelawdewos, however, campaigned in the south as a result of these attacks.The Great Oromo migrations, also known as the Oromo migrations, were a series of expansions in the 16th and the 17th centuries by the Oromo people from southern Ethiopia, namely the contemporary Borana and Guji zones, into more northerly regions of Ethiopia.The expansion had a profound impact on subsequent historical events occurring in Ethiopia.

He states that they invaded the neighboring Bale in the Southeast just before the invasions of Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi of Adal (also known as Ahmed Gure) in the north.

Francisco de Almeida, however, agreed with Bahrey's dating, affirming that the Galla first began migrating around the time of Ahmed Gragn's invasion (1527).

During the time of luba Bifolé, the Oromo migration achieved its first major success.

Because the Oromo did not keep a written record of the migrations, this article must refer to Ethiopia, Portuguese, and Arabic sources for the reasons behind the migrations.

In particular, a 16th-century Tigray monk named Bahrey is the foremost source on the migrations.

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In the new phase of migration adopted under Meslé, the Oromo defeated Gelawdewos's troops in Jan Amora, allowing them to pillage a number of towns.

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