Onupdating gridview

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Onupdating gridview

the extender control run the Script Action, Enable Action and Fade Out actions both On Updating (when the panel starts the async-postback) and On Updated (when the panel has been refreshed).

Only placing the animated gif in the center of the Grid View was only slightly more difficult.

You shouln't need any Bind or Eval statements for Employee ID since it is already specified in Data Key Names.

Your problem begins with the actual UPDATE SQL command that your datasource generates.

You can go into the Data Source designer to manually change only the UPDATE SQL.

Using the wizard will affect your other (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE ) calls if you are not careful.

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Currently, Role ID and Employee ID are the only update parameters showing up during the Updating event because they are the only ones you have specified Bind for instead of Eval.

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