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It is a distinctive face, striking and not unattractive despite its catalogue of abuses, the pale features are augmented by lips coated in blue paste and irises that are such a pale shade of blue as to be almost translucent.

And, if you are implying that you want to take me out like that I would remind you firstly that I am your mother's slave, not yours and, secondly, that I wouldn't be much use as a bodyguard restrained like that.''You've got to admit you'd be pretty cute though.'Adele frowns.'Oh, Adele, we're in the Mall.' Pauline gestures around her. I would remind you that you are the daughter of the Contesse de Renee, matriarch of this city and empress of a lot more.

Then, as the girl's breathing quickens and she gives a small gasp her cheeks starting to flush where they can be seen between the blindfold and the gag, Jezebel smiles to herself, pats the small blue velvet pouch at her belt which contains the brunette's sapphires, blows the girl a kiss and slips gracefully through the open window.

Without any apparent care for the vertiginous drop below her, Jezebel reaches for a handhold and begins to climb.'Now that's how a slave should be treated.' Pauline looks on appreciatively as the girl is lead towards them on a nipple leash.

'I must say I really admire your taste.' Jezebel looks round at the spacious apartment with its minimalist decor. Red and green I think they call it these days, pain and pleasure, or is it the other way around ? 'It used to be so easy before all this technology.'The villainess is tall and angular, her light brown hair less glossy than her captive's and hanging free to her shoulders.

Her face is thin and very pale made more so by a thick layer of make-up that covers multiple scars and her long nose is slightly crooked where it has been broken at least once.

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As princess of Belladonia, you are thus a potential target.

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