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Ms project updating progress

However, you do need to retain at least Designer permissions on the site indefinitely (Site Owner/Full Control is even better). Only make updates to the master version in your Site Assets library.Third, if you’re using people’s names as resources in the MPP, ensure they’re entered . Your new project site can now be used to track progress, but it can also be used like any other Share Point site.Alright, let’s get our hands dirty in the awesomeness of this solution.

First, I suggest that the MPP you’re using be generally fleshed out and contain all the columns you want it to have before pushing the first sync.Second, the person doing this must have 1) a Microsoft Project Professional license and 2) the ability to create a site in Share Point.It’s best if the PM and the Site Owner (or IT admin) sit down and do this together so all i’s are dotted and t’s crossed.In this situation, you’d have an MPP that you’ve already fleshed out or are using actively, and you sync the content to a new/blank Task List in a Share Point site your team is already actively using.(I haven’t tried syncing an existing MPP that has content to an existing Task List that has content.

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Better yet, would you ever trust them to even open your Project file and not break your baby?

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