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Some owners and managers of strip clubs say that part of the problem with sex trafficking is that enforcement on Bourbon Street hasn't been aggressive enough.

Rick's Cabaret owner Robert Watters knows a thing or two about strip clubs.

After the ATC agreed to an interview with | The Times-Picayune in June, NOPD officers assisted ATC with compliance checks.

But aside from that, there is little indication that the agencies have pursued any partnerships in curbing the pimping, prostitution and drug dealing that former club employees and dancers have said has continued since “Trick or Treat” occurred.

After an interview with ATC commissioner Marine-Lombard in June, NOPD said they conducted a joint operation with ATC in the French Quarter in July, but made no arrests.

She flashed the glint of her tongue ring and told the man and woman that after her dance she’d be down for a chat.

It was unusually slow for a Saturday night so close to Halloween at Temptations, the Bourbon Street strip club.

Naomi, a willowy dancer, was on stage draped in red and black lingerie, with high-heeled shoes decorated in fringe.

They filed the report with the agency detailing the encounter with the police sergeant and the dancer at Temptations.

Their undercover stint was part of an investigation that came to be known as Operation Trick or Treat, and it would do more to expose the drug use and prostitution that had infested a cluster of New Orleans strip clubs than any other law enforcement effort in recent city history. Bobby Jindal appointee Troy Hebert, never disclosed encountering the NOPD officer in the strip clubs when they held press conferences about the raids in October 2015, and there is no evidence that the agency notified NOPD.

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Palazzolo said that after the 2015 citations, the clubs implemented aggressive measures to monitor potential illegal activity – including installing monitored cameras inside private rooms – and that a total of 40 employees have been fired as a result for violating the clubs’ rules.

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