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Misyar dating

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You hear a lot about misyar marriages all over the Saudi media.

ANSWER In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful, The term “Nikah Misyar” (translated sometimes as “travellers’ marriage” or “marriage of convenience”) is not found in the Qur’an, Sunna or classical works of Islamic jurisprudence.

It is a term that has been introduced recently by those discussing a specific type of matrimonial arrangement.

The basic requirements for a valid marriage according to Shari’a are the following: a) Offer (ijab) from one party and acceptance (qabul) from the other in one session (majlis), and that this offer and acceptance is verbal and thus heard and understood clearly. b) The presence of at least two male witnesses (shahidayn), or one male and two female witnesses, who hear and clearly understand the offer and acceptance.

(Mukhtasar al-Quduri 2/140 & Fath al-Qadir 3/190) c) The consent of a legal guardian of the woman (wali) is also a necessary requirement according to the Maliki, Shafi’i and Hanbali Schools of Sunni Islamic Law.

These include: living together, equal division of nights between wives in cases of polygamy, the wife’s right to housing (sukna) and financial support (nafaqa).

Then the groom also has to ensure that they have a place to stay, which could be a couple of rooms at his parent’s house, an apartment, or a villa.

And most importantly they tell everyone about their marriage, usually at a big wedding party.

At times, a Misyar marriage is contracted on a temporary basis which ends in divorce on the expiration date of the contract.

Islamic Ruling As for the Islamic ruling concerning such marriages, there are two issues to consider: 1) Validity and permissibility; 2) Appropriateness. Validity and Permissibility If all the basic requirements for an Islamic marriage contract are fulfilled, then this type of marriage arrangement is permissible and valid, and the couple will not be guilty of being involved in an unlawful illicit relationship.

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