Mesquite nv dating

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Mesquite nv dating

Failures which are suspected to be related to oxidation have occurred and continue to occur across the US.Las Vegas Valley Water District is in the process of replacing 86,000 HDPE service lines due to pre-mature aging and failure.The two largest water utilities in the world, Veolia Environnement and Suez Environnement experienced a rash of HDPE service line failures – which were initially thought to be ductile in nature (warmer soils can soften plastic pipe causing bursts).Upon closer examination – the failures were brittle in nature – indicating chemically induced embrittlement.It is understood that the amount and type of oxidants, that are added to disinfect drinking water, attack polyethylene pipes and can cause premature aging – and failure.Reports of HDPE water pipe failures have linked the failures to oxidative degradation.While the polyethylene pipe industry has sponsored a study that positions “100 year life” as expected for polyethylene pipelines in water disinfectant environments (chlorine, chloramines – not chlorine dioxide), it remains the only study that comes to that conclusion.

As a polymer family, polyolefins are more susceptible to oxidation through a free radical mechanism than other plastics.ASTM and AWWA are silent on guidance for engineers and owners who require guidance in the area of prevention of premature aging of HDPE pipe.–Polyolefin Materials such as Polyethylene (HDPE) are Inherently Susceptible to Oxidation by Chlorine Based Water Disinfectants.Anti-oxidants are added in polyethylene pipe formulations to extend their service lives (the anti-oxidants are preferentially attacked by the free-radicals and “sacrificed” – as long as they are available in the pipe).However, premature failures of HDPE water pipes have demonstrated that under some operating conditions the antioxidants are depleted and serious degradation of the pipe occurs.

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Appropriate Design Guidance is Lacking, but Needed: There is a real need for practical, quantitative guidelines for prospective HDPE pipe users and their design engineers.

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