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Recently, to the great sadness of many of us, the newspaper that carries my column, the Eugene Register-Guard, was bought out by a large corporation called Gate House Media.

They own a gazillion newspapers and are based somewhere far away like New York.

Battling with still being in love with Johnny and her need to be happy, Sable cut her wrists, being found just in time by New York Dolls guitarist Syl Sylvain and taken to a hospital.

They were the most obtuse forms you ever saw, with many blanks to fill in, conflicting directions and stern warnings.A cool picture on a hot day yesterday ( around 100 degrees)...our shop all cleaned out for the big gathering around John and Bobbi..Their love affair ended in 1974 when Page left her for fellow groupie Bebe Buell.Lori was devastated and continuously tried to get back together with him but Page wasnt into it.

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I hate hunting for the number, making the call, and picking through endless options that never lead you to a real person, only to more recorded options.

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