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Live sex video chat with no credit and debit card

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Such third party may impose additional terms and conditions governing payment processing. Otherwise, subscription services will be charged for the next billing cycle.Your card issuer agreement may contain additional terms with respect to your rights and liabilities as a card holder. Members can request to increase their daily limit by contacting the customer support team. Bonuses, benefits and rewards are issued to members at the sole discretion of Website and they have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or other benefits. You hereby agree to be personally liable for any and all charges incurred by you until cancellation of the membership.You agree to pay all amounts due to us immediately upon cancellation or termination of your account. The Website reserves the right to make changes to the fees and billing methods, including the addition of supplemental charges for any content or services provided, with or without prior notice to you, at any time. For subscription services the Website uses an automatic re-bill cycle according to your selected payment method. If you believe that you have been wrongly billed, please notify us immediately of such error. In the event that you cancel your account no refund, including any membership fees, will be granted.You will keep all Content provided to you through the Service private and confidential and will not disclose such Content to anyone without the permission of the person who provided it to you. You agree not to engage, promote or transmit any harassment ,offensive behaviour, unlawful, harmful , threatening, libellous, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable content; including, but not necessarily limited to any Content that contains sexual conduct (whether actual or simulated) , bestiality, incest, violence, or any presentation of minors engaged in intimate physical contact or sexual situations. you will not use the Website or the Service to disturb any other user or member. you will not use the Website or the Service to impersonate to any person or entity including but not limited to any minor or Website stuff. You will not post or upload to the Website or Service any type of content, graphic or text, that violates or infringes the rights of any third party, including but not limited to any copyright or trademark law, privacy or other personal or proprietary rights, or is fraudulent or otherwise unlawful conduct in connection with your use of the Service or violates any law. You agree to provide the Website with a valid email address for verification and communication purposes. These subscriptions will be automatically renewed as stated below upon expiration of the initial term, unless you ask to cease the membership.You agree that the Website will send you communication, information and offer emails from the Website to that email. You will not use the Service to distribute, promote, or otherwise publish any material containing any type of solicitation for including but not limited to advertising third party services, raising funds, or solicitation in any way of any goods or services. You should be aware that, pursuant to US federal law, any visual depictions that you post on the Website that portray actual sexually explicit conduct, depictions of the genitals or pubic area, or simulated sexually explicit activity, as such terms are defined in 18 U. All types of different fees to the Website are prominently displayed prior to your purchase. You agree to pay all fees when due according to the billing charges and cycles. Upon using any paid services, you must select a payment method. You cannot redeem them for cash or any other form of credit. You may cancel your membership at any time from my account.

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