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Lebanese sites to dating females

Its colonies later reached the Western Mediterranean (most notably Carthage) and even the Atlantic Ocean.

Canaanite culture apparently developed in situ from the earlier Ghassulian chalcolithic culture.Phoenicia is an ancient Greek term used to refer to the major export of the region, cloth dyed Tyrian purple from the Murex mollusc, and referred to the major Canaanite port towns; not corresponding precisely to Phoenician culture as a whole as it would have been understood natively.Their civilization was organized in city-states, similar to those of ancient Greece, Each city-state was a politically independent unit, and it is uncertain to what extent the Phoenicians viewed themselves as a single nationality. Beekes has suggested a pre-Greek origin of the ethnonym..In terms of archaeology, language, lifestyle, and religion there was little to set the Phoenicians apart as markedly different from other residents of the Levant, such as their close relatives and neighbors, the Israelites. It is difficult to ascertain which meaning came first, but it is understandable how Greeks may have associated the crimson or purple color of dates and dye with the merchants who traded both products. In the Amarna tablets of the 14th century BC, people from the region called themselves Kenaani or Kinaani, in modern English understood as/equivalent to Canaanite.Much later, in the 6th century BC, Hecataeus of Miletus writes that Phoenicia was formerly called According to the Persians best informed in history, the Phoenicians began the quarrel.

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