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If Christ never spoke the words in the so-called "longer ending of Mark," it would seem unlikely that He would speak them to the Nephites.

Alleged Problems in the Book of Mormon #5: The Problem of the Longer Ending of Mark Quoted in the Book of Mormon - This 2016 article deals with one of the most interesting arguments against the Book of Mormon, wherein Mormon quotes words of Christ to the Nephites that closely follow words of Christ in the end of the Gospel of Mark that supposedly were a late, bogus addition to the New Testament.

Clicking on a topic takes you to a separate page giving the specific question(s) and my answers. This considers the issue of passages from an allegedly late, post-exilic "Deutero-Isaiah" being quoted by Nephi, and also gets into the broad issue of the Documentary Hypothesis and the accusation that allusions to the Exodus account woven into the Book of Mormon come from a late source, the Priestly text ("P") that came long after Nephi's day. But the disputed longer ending, contrary to the alleged "consensus" of scholars, has strong evidence pointing to its antiquity and authenticity.

2016 Update: Several Related Publications from Jeff Lindsay at The Interpreter Book of Mormon Problems #4: Bible Scholarship vs. This page explores the controversy in light of recent scholarship.

Mercy and Justice in the Book of Mormon: Ancient or Modern Concepts?

Latter-day Saints and the Covenant Framework of the Gospel: An Ancient Perspective Restored - a "Mormon Answers" page that compares the solid covenant-based theology of the restored Church of Jesus Christ with that of early Christianity and Judaism.

Ancient Records Offer New Support for the Book of Abraham - A brief survey of the vast body of ancient documents that confirm numerous details in the Book of Abraham that are not found in the Bible, and could not have been known to Joseph Smith or other early Mormons. - A response to attacks alleging that the apparent wordiness of the Book of Mormon shows that the text was not taken from a record engraved on metal plates, where a terse writing style might be expected. Was the Book of Mormon Plagiarized from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass?

In fact, the "offending" aspects of the Book of Mormon are what one would expect from sacred writings from a Hebraic people. - a satirical "anti-Mormon" page I wrote that illustrates the pitfalls of efforts to show "plagiarism" by finding stray parallels.

This page deals with interesting internal evidence for authenticity of the Book of Mormon found in 2 Nephi 12, which quotes Isaiah 2. Gives detailed discussion on many popular topics used to condemn us as a cult. Challenge: is there a reasonable definition of "cult" in the negative sense that could condemn the Latter-day Saints without also condemning early Christians or the writers and prophets of the Bible, or even Christ? Mormanity is a leading LDS blog that gives emphasis to the LDS experience while also discussing and promoting the Book of Mormon and the Restored Gospel. Sadly, Jeff has become hooked on social media and regularly chirps in on Twitter as both Mormanity (for LDS issues) and Jeff Lindsay (for most everything else).

I respond to a critic's attempt to dismiss an interesting passage that brings together Isaiah variants from the Septuagint and Masoretic texts. Deals mostly with inquiries about the Trinity, "plurality of gods," how God can be One if Christ and the Father are distinct Beings, etc. What about the prohibition on adding and subtracting? This page discusses the Trinity, modern revelation, polygamy, and other hot issues. What about the affidavits against him and other attacks on Joseph's character? Don't miss my information about Book of Mormon Evidences.

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My Turn - Instead of answering frequent questions from critics of the Mormons, I've decided that it's time I ask a few infrequently answered questions of my own.

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