Lap band dating

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Lap band dating

Instead, it simply restricts the amount of food that you consume.The band may be adjusted or removed at any time, allowing for reversal once you achieve your weight loss goals.Less caloric intake with no change in energy output from general day-to-day activities enables one to burn more nett calories, and lose weight.The gastric band is attached to an access port – which is surgically placed on a patient’s abdomen – and this is inflated with saline solution.

It’s important to view Lap-Band surgery, like all bariatric surgeries, as part of a lifestyle shift, not a quick-fix surgery. It has the lowest rate of complications among bariatric surgery and can be reversed whenever the patient wants.

The volume of this solution can be very easily adjusted by your surgeon during a post-surgery consultation.

Adjusting this volume will increase or decrease the pressure the band exerts on the stomach.

Eat food slowly, and always stop eating when you feel full.

To maintain the effects of weight loss from Lap-Band surgery, follow a proper diet and exercise.

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For patients looking for a minimally invasive weight loss surgery with no cutting to the stomach, Lap-Band surgery is an effective solution.