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Kosova dating

In addition, in many part of Kosovo the population is fluent in Turkish, especially in old Turkish language.

When we talk about arts and culture, Ottoman Empire had a big impact over architectural style, clothing, jewelries etc.

For centuries, the ethnic Albanian villagers have lived in Kosovo within extensive families among members consisting of 70 to 100 which were ruled by a chosen patriarch.

Up to this date, the Kosovar society is still built on family units in the majority of the rural areas, even though the family structure has progressively eroded since the end of World War II.

Thus, considering the strategic location of Kosovo in Balkan Peninsula, Kosovo offers many opportunities for everyone who wants to expand the knowledge about old Illyrian civilization, living diversity, and enriched history.

Progress toward modernization started advancing in the 1970’s when the modern educated elite initiated the emerge, however, outside the major cities, in the rural areas, it has been unable to alter the loyalty towards tradition in which a large amount of the Kosovars hold among their extensive families.

The Kosovars constitute of the Gheg sub-group in which the basis of its social system if based on the clan or “fis”.

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Although there are various religious beliefs among family units at times, they have been prevailed over by the great power of the clan and the members’ devotion towards it.