Kiefer sutherland and reiko aylesworth dating

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Kiefer sutherland and reiko aylesworth dating

Lately, he considers himself more of a spiritual person than religious.Playing Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) agent Jack Bauer in the Fox’s series from 2001 to 2010.

During his entire career, he had always maintained a top-notch professionalism over his work.Instead of attracting unwanted attention, he made everyone believe that he had no interest in becoming a controversial figure. much more Moving towards her personal life, The beautiful actress, Reiko Aylesworth was in a relationship with Kiefer Sutherland; a British-Canadian actor, however, their relationship didn't last for so long.Kiefer has also appeared in TV commercials for MGD (voiceover) (2003), MCI (voiceover) (2003), The Los Angeles Mentoring Partnership (2005), Peugeot – Citroen (2005), Apple Computers (voiceover) (2006), Verizon Business (voiceover) (2006), Ford Fusion car (voiceover) (2006), Ford Motors Canada (2007), Cuervo tequila (2014), etc.He was probably raised Catholic (as he went to Catholic schools and has a tattoo of Virgin Mary on his arm).

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His nationality is Canadian and ethnicity is mixed(Scottish, English, Irish).

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