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Ditching her bra, the Rendezvous star risked a wardrobe malfunction as she entered the swanky ceremony.Meanwhile, Hollywood beauty Penelope Cruz also made an impact at the bash.Her opening affair with a portly, bad-tempered banker (Xavier Beauvois, director of Of Gods and Men) sets the bar for romantic entanglements exceedingly low (typical pronouncements: 'I just got back from Brazil and felt like banging you'; 'You're charming but my wife is extraordinary.').He's followed by an actor (Nicolas Duvauchelle) prone to gloomy over-analysis and gnomic utterances, who also admits to a violent temper.Adapted from Roland Barthes' – fragments of philosophy from the perspective of lovers – it stars the magnificent Juliette Binoche.Binoche plays artist Isabelle, a middle-aged woman who's still powerfully sexy but unable to ensnare a half-decent mate, if you can believe it – a situation that's turning her into an emotional wreck.Although we may have snippets of information about her relationships, the media will never know much about her business; I avoided going to too many parties, and have, from the start, wanted to protect my kids from all that.My private life is very private and I have chosen not to live in America or England, where you are so exposed and can't fight against it.' (The Telegraph) Binoche starred in the 1999 flick Children of the Century alongside Magimel and they lived together from then until 2003, addressed by the media as 'companions'.

Isabelle bounces from one spectacularly awful dalliance to another.Juliette Binoche turns 51 today so we take a look back over her romantic life.Juliette Binoche Binoche has two kids- a son Raphael, whose father is Andre Halle- a professional scuba diver and a daughter Hana, whose father is Benoit Magimel.When woman are caught up in their everyday lives, habits are Killers. Because it's always there you don't pay as much attention as you should. It's a real challenge to be a couple.''However, the 48-year-old beauty - who has children Raphael, 18 and 12-year-old Hannah - reveals she needs little time off from work because she is so energised by being an actress.She added to Stylist magazine: ''I don't need to switch off because my job gives me energy.

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