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John cena is dating

Cena is an American by nationality and is White-American according to his ethnicity.

He has five brothers namely Dan, Matt, Steve, and Sean.

They used to be on the same touring schedule as wrestlers, but now John is only wrestling part time while starring in major Hollywood movies like his recent comedy Blockers, while Nikki is helping run multiple businesses and still doing the reality TV thing, including a recent run on Dancing with the Stars.

In a previous interview with Us Weekly, John Cena spoke about the difficulties of maintaining their relationship: I would never ever want Nicole to be in a position where she says, “I’m holding you back from doing this because I feel it’s wrong for us.” And I would never say that to her.

He joined WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in 2001.He also promoted Breast Cancer Awareness month in 2012. Talking about his personal life he is very good looking.In 2016, he appeared in a public service announcement, We are America, sponsored by the Ad Council, as part of its Love Has No Labels. Being such a great wrestler, he is very kind and helpful according to his friends.After having a long-term misunderstanding in a relationship with his wife, they divorced in on July 18, 2012. They currently have a great relation, and they are often seen together. It has yet not been confirmed whether the proposal was real or fake.He made an idea to get married to Nikki as she was extremely excited and happy after John’s decision.

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He also has a collection of lavish cars including: Cena has a perfect body; he has maintained perfect six-pack abs with a big muscular body.