Jews dating blacks

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The day I first learned to read the Alef-Bet, as my father wrote the Hebrew letters on a slate in honey, taught me how to pronounce them, and then allowed me to lick the sweetness of their forms and to absorb God’s script into my soul – that was the day I was born into Jewish consciousness.

We have a right – as well as an obligation – to celebrate a life that we can now in retrospect acknowledge as having been well lived. Find Jewish dates at Mingle2's personals for Black.This free Jewish dating site contains thousands of Jewish singles.Aside from this non-Jewish leader, whose lifestyle certainly doesn’t deserve to be emulated by us, there isn’t a single mention of a birthday celebration by any one of our people.Why the strange neglect of what we would think is a significant day worthy of celebrating and rejoicing?

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We have no more than potential, alive to face the challenges that will confront us but with no assurance that we will overcome them successfully.