Jackson rod stewart dating

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Jackson rod stewart dating

Miley and Jackson have a typical sibling relationship.It is proven that he really loves her because he keeps her secret and even posed as Hannah's boyfriend.Jackson Rod Stewart (Jason Earles) is the older brother of Miley Stewart and is often pictured as the friend of Hannah Montana.

Also in "We Are Family Now Get Me Some Water" Jackson Jackson is also skilled at plumbing.Eventually, Sienna believes Jackson is not seeing Hannah.But Lilly walks in, sees them hugging, and mistakes that Miley has told Sienna her secret, and says "See you told her the Hannah secret and everything's all right! Sienna misinterprets that as Jackson cheating on her with Hannah Montana, and is about to make a "dramatic exit" out of the house.He also likes the Los Angeles Lakers which is indicated when he tells Miley that she makes him miss both the baseball and the basketball game.He also enjoys watching the Tennesee Titans football games with his Dad.

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Jackson is very much interested in sports, playing volleyball on the school team.

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