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The relationship is consistent and linear over Antarctica[9].

Snow falls over Antarctica and is slowly converted to ice.

Melt layers are formed when the surface snow melts, releasing water to percolate down through the snow pack.

They form bubble-free ice layers, visible in the ice core.

The thickness of the annual layers in ice cores can be used to derive a precipitation rate (after correcting for thinning by glacier flow).

The distribution of melt layers through time is a function of the past climate, and has been used, for example, to show increased melting in the Twentieth Century around the NE Antarctic Peninsula[8].

It is possible to discern past air temperatures from ice cores.

420,000 years of ice core data from Vostok, Antarctica research station. From bottom to top: * Solar variation at 65°N due to en: Milankovitch cycles (connected to 18O). They spent two nights at each site, first collecting radar data and secondly collecting a 15 m shallow ice core. This schematic cross section of an ice sheet shows an ideal drilling site at the centre of the polar plateau near the ice divide, with ice flowing away from the ice divide in all direction. The large Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have huge, high plateaux where snow accumulates in an ordered fashion.

The team were travelling across the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to study snow accumulation.

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