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Intimidating voters

"I think in that message it is very clear that there were 'tools in the toolbox' and they were there for use, if he wanted to use them," Loetscher said.

Ten Haken starts by saying, "I was really hoping we weren't going to go here with this sort of stuff, because I consider you a friend." "Obviously I have tools in my tool box but I choose not to use them," Ten Haken said.

The first five words of the description will often determine if the reader will go on or pass to another course description. ” (The question) “Lighting is the key to all photography.” (Outstanding fact) “No man is an island.’ ” (Quotation) “Does your life seem like a soap opera? While you should avoid the following sentence first words in the first two sentences of the opener, they are appropriate for the rest of the description IF they are not repeated in the same description. "After the campaign started getting negative several months ago, I called and said, 'Listen, we're friends. I have negative tools in my toolbox I could use but I'm not going to because that's not the right thing to do.Let's not do this; let's stay above it,'" Ten Haken said.Wednesday afternoon, after talking with law enforcement, Loetscher's campaign released the full audio from the voicemail.The sparring and mudslinging over a voicemail message came to light on Monday at a debate.

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Many course descriptions are poorly written because they are: Here are some poor course description sentences.

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