Intimidating a victim

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This friend would not be guilty of Intimidating a Witness, because his actions came from a genuine concern for his friend’s wellbeing, and were not made maliciously as required by the statute.3. Defenses to Intimidating a Witness or Victim Charges As in the example above, if someone unintentionally puts a victim or witness in fear by their statements or actions, that person would not be guilty of a crime and would have a legitimate Accident Defense, as they did not realize the effect their words would have.

Additionally, this is an offense in which there may be False Accusations made that someone tried to prevent or dissuade another from testifying or reporting a crime.5.

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110–177, § 205(1)(B), substituted “30 years” for “20 years” in concluding provisions.

110–177, § 205(1)(C), substituted “20 years” for “10 years”.

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