Internet sites for friendship no dating ring dating styles

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Internet sites for friendship no dating

"We're more at ease with platonic friendships than we were 25 years ago," she says, before pointing out that such relationships can be fraught with problems.

"You have to do a lot of soul-searching to explore your motives for looking for this kind of connection," she says.

PLEASE, no MALES and I am only looking for FRIENDSHIP!She has decided to come to England to pursue her dreams of making it as a photographer.She's looking for someone to chat to "so when I go there, I will have someone to know and help me understand the culture".Is loneliness so prevalent in society that we must now hire our pals? Over the past 40 years the number of one-person households has shot up.Combine that with a huge increase in people moving around to find work, or working from home, and social dislocation is the norm.

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"It was hard to go through life without making friends before television." But with the advent of entertainment which prompted people to stay in on their own, they were no longer forced to interact with others. "Nobody planned it like this, but it is probably not a good idea." When Dorling mapped British "loneliness indices", London, perhaps not surprisingly, came out on top.