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Internet dating verification site

Although they usually vary from service to service, verification features are extremely handy in helping online daters avoid getting scammed or catfished.

Safety should always be a top priority for those who participate in online dating, so making use of whichever means of personal verification available is always a good idea.

There are already many solutions in the identity verification marketplace for online dating companies to tap into.

And several dating sites such as Zoosk and Badoo have already started tackling catfishing head on, by incorporating some form of verification feature into their services.

Date specializes in providing the public an affordable way to verify who a potential date really is?

We are a verification service confirming information you assume a potential date is telling you.

Spousal abuse, murder, domestic violence, assault, arson, rape, child molestation, assault with a deadly weapon, battery against the elderly forgery, counterfeiting, violent crimes, catfishing, spamming, fake profiles Vali DATE was started by three entrepreneurs with over 50 combined years of military, law enforcement and private investigative backgrounds.

The attraction is clear - social utility is about relevance, and our smartphones has the most intimate and relevant understanding of who I am, what I am doing and where I am.

A Google search may turn up some useful details, but it will likely not reveal important information such as whether they have a criminal record, or felony and misdemeanour charges or worse - a wanted fugitive.

Some online dating sites have built in checks to verify authenticity of profiles, using complex algorithms that are able to detect fake profiles by spotting patterns of what a fake profile is like.

As with most technologies, there will be unsavoury characters who will exploit it for crime and deceit.

In the case of online dating today, many unsuspecting daters looking for someone special might find themselves being 'catfished'.

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Far too often, online daters have to deal with catfishing or fake profiles with stolen photos.