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You are required to fill in drop-down answers about your age, height, religious views, reading habits, fashion sense, and other personality traits, but you do not have to post a photo or reveal your city of residence.Something that has made Jewish stand out from the very beginning is the open-ended questions posed to new members during the registration process.“There are a lot of genuine, traditional Jewish singles who really just want to get married,” said Marc and Angela in a testimonial.The couple got married in Israel after meeting on Jewish Should you start approaching random people you see during the day?But what if that cutie on the elliptical next to you isn’t single? You can’t always tell by looking at someone if they’re going to be a good match for you, and it’s nerve-wracking (not to mention time-wasting) to go into a flirtatious conversation blind.You can message or send winks online to make a connection.

Both sites have stood the test of time and been tremendously successful at bringing together online daters who prioritize cultural and religious compatibility.

You can feel confident that everyone you approach on Jewish is both single and Jewish (or willing to date a Jewish person).

This carefully cultivated network is rich with possibilities for religious and cultural Jews.

“It’s not just yes-or-no questions, so you get more of a sense of people by how they talk about themselves — and that’s what it’s all about.” In terms of its membership base, Jewish may not have much quantity, but it certainly has high quality.

Sam said it’s a “tiny little site,” but it has remained profitable because of the loyalty and resolve of its members.

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“It’s the most important decision you’ll make in your life, so you can’t just sit back and wait for it to come to you — you wouldn’t look for a job that way, and you shouldn’t look for a date that way.” Jewish has all the bells and whistles of a modern dating site.