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The budget plan will boost base per-pupil funding for K-12 education to a record level of ,000 per student in each fiscal year. House Bill 187 will require the state Department of Education to make a “dyslexia toolkit” available to school districts to help them identify and instruct students who display characteristics of dyslexia.House Bill 1 intends to reform the state’s foster care and adoption system to ensure that a child’s time in foster care is limited and that children are returned to family whenever possible.It calls for 6.25 percent baseline cuts for most state agencies, although some agencies are spared.Agencies that will avoid cuts include the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Kentucky State Police, and local school-based Kentucky Family Resource and Youth Services Centers.House Bill 33 will require drivers to keep vehicles at least three feet away from bicyclists during an attempt to pass.

(Enforcement of this new law has been temporarily halted by a federal judge until motions challenging the measure are heard in June.) Bicycle safety.

Overall, Beeler said Kentucky has grown its farm gate cash receipts – or sales from Kentucky agricultural operations – by around billion, year after year, with 0 million in tobacco settlement money it has spent on agriculture to date.

FRANKFORT -- The Kentucky General Assembly’s 2018 regular session ended this evening, capping off a session in which lawmakers approved the state’s next two-year budget and numerous other measures that will affect people throughout the state. House Bill 454 will prohibit a certain type of abortion procedure, known as a D & E, if a woman is more than 11 weeks pregnant.

It would expand the definition of blood relative for child placement and ensure that children in foster care are reunified with family or placed in another permanent home in a timely manner. House Bill 169 will establish penalties for criminal gang-related crimes, especially those involving gang recruitment.

The legislation will make gang recruitment a felony instead of misdemeanor for adults and make minors involved in such activity face felony charges in certain cases. House Bill 84 will require coroners or medical examiners to release identifying and other relevant information about a deceased person to Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates if the person’s wish to be an organ donor is known and the body is suitable for medical transplant or therapy.

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The plan include a cigarette tax increase of 50 cents per pack and an expansion of the state sales tax to some services, such as landscaping, janitorial, laundry and small-animal veterinary services.