Hibernate saveorupdate not updating stats of online dating

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Hibernate saveorupdate not updating

I have verified that this method IS invoked, and the User VO that is passed does contain the updated fields. Driver jdbc.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost/skuldweb_dev; AUTO=MULTI; CURSOR=READONLY jdbc.username= jdbc.password= hibernate.dialect=org.hibernate.dialect.My SQLDialect hibernate.show_sql=true hibernate.use_outer_join=true hibernate.cache.use_query_cache=true hibernate.cache.use_second_level_cache=true hibernate.cache.provider=org.hibernate.cache.Default Save Or Update Event Listener.perform Update(Default Save Or Update Event Listener.java:295): updating [com.skuldweb.domain. Default Save Or Update Event Listener.perform Update(Default Save Or Update Event Listener.java:346): updating [com.skuldweb.domain.User VO#1] [TRACE] 2010-07-23 ,311 :org.hibernate.engine. Cascade.cascade(Cascade.java:138): processing cascade ACTION_SAVE_UPDATE for: com.skuldweb.domain. User VO [TRACE] 2010-07-23 ,312 :org.hibernate.engine. Cascading Action.cascade(Cascading Action.java:239): cascading to save Or Update: com.skuldweb.domain. I am not sure how you create your Student but if you want to update you need to get the object from the database to have the id ( or if you know the id just set it) then update what you want while the object is in the persistance context and flush. Table; @Entity @Table(name = "student") public class Student if you want to update record you need to have it's id, Save Or Update looks for the id if it is in your table then it updates , if it is not then its add a new record.User VO [DEBUG] 2010-07-23 ,314 :org.apache.wicket. Request Request Target(Request Cycle.java:644): replacing request target org.apache.wicket.request.target.component.listener.

I would guess it makes more sense to use update() but I save Or Update() does manage to create new records, but it does not update them.Open Session In View Filter Internal(Open Session In View Filter.java:181): Opening single Hibernate Session in Open Session In View Filter [DEBUG] 2010-07-23 ,302 :org.hibernate3.Session Factory Get Session(Session Factory Utils.java:318): Opening Hibernate Session [DEBUG] 2010-07-23 ,303 :org.As part of transaction management Spring automatically flushes the session.This means that you don't have to worry about any of these aspects in your code.

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Page(Session.java:700): Getting page [path = 4:userprofile_form, version Number = 0] [DEBUG] 2010-07-23 ,306 :org.apache.wicket.form.persistence.

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