Gridview rowediting vs rowupdating julia estonian dating

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Gridview rowediting vs rowupdating

The Sort Expression property supplies the sort expression that you specified earlier for the column being sorted.

The Sort Direction property specifies the direction of sorting i.e. This property is not of much when you are sorting the grid on your own.

The following figure shows the Grid View after implementing paging. First of all, you need to set Allow Sorting property of the Grid View to True.Add the following code in the Row Editing event handler: The Row Editing event handler receives an event argument of type Grid View Edit Event Args.The Grid View Edit Event Args class has a property called New Edit Index that tells us the row number being edited.We need to access this variable from Bind Grid() method so that our sorting will work correctly under all the circumstances. The following figure shows the Grid View after implementing sorting.Similarly we set a View State variable called sortdirection. In order to edit records displayed in the Grid View, we need to add a Command Field to the Grid View.

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By default this field renders a link button titled Edit.

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