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"In other countries, like France of the US, it's also more common to approach people who are alone and ask them a bit about themselves," she adds.

READ ALSO: What they don't tell you about moving to Sweden for love The flipside to the reliance on technology is the many online options for dating which have sprung up over the last few decades, allowing people to meet without this kind of face-to-face interaction.

This was one of several differences in the dating culture she noticed compared both with her home country of Greece and with Scotland and the Netherlands, having spent six months working in each.

"I didn't have any expectations [of Swedish dating culture] to begin with; I didn't know much about the stereotypes, but from discussions with girlfriends who are single, I think I had a very stereotypical experience! "In Greece, it's still a big taboo and is seen as a bit desperate to be on a dating site.

I was planning to stay [in Sweden] long-term so I made sure to let him know; Swedes might feel too awkward to ask those hard questions.

"It's the same when it comes to having 'the talk' to define your relationship.

"There is an added dimension when one partner is Swedish and the other is new to Sweden," Lax explains.

The word officially entered the Swedish language at the end of 2016.

Dating site Match.com's blog states that "not showing emotion is considered polite in Sweden" and that the locals "tend to fully analyze the person before determining whether that person would be a good match".

"You don't get as much open flirting in Sweden as in other countries, so it might be hard for foreigners to tell if someone likes them," says Tollgerdt-Andersson.

"No research has completely explained why people fall in love, or why some couples last and others don't," says psychologist Tollgerdt-Andersson.

"There's chemistry and hormones, but it's also a choice.

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While many people might find the focus on equality refreshing, Lax says she has worked with some women who are shy or from more traditional or macho cultures who feel uncomfortable approaching men or admitting a preference for traditional gender roles in their relationships.