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One of the questions I get asked again and again is how to validate a field value in an Acro Form with a custom validation script.

Adobe provided a lot of infrastructure to do that with just a simple script.

Another thing I like to do is to display the validation error message on the form in an otherwise hidden field: The problem with our last solution is that if the user saves a partially filled form, and picks it up at a later time, that error message that popped up is long gone, and the only indication that there is something wrong with the form is the modified field color.

So, having a text field contain that error message might be a good idea.

Let’s take a look at how to do that with a text field that is only supposed to have a value of either ‘AAAA’ or ‘BBBB’ (yes, I know that this does not make much sense in a real PDF form).

So, if the user enters ‘01234’ we should see an error message that would instruct the user about what type of data is valid for this field.

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