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This is a major concern with children involved, ad I'm sure more experienced people on here will be able to help you more. You're right it is a horrible time at the moment, has been for a good few months.Yes I think you're right that he is saying he won't do it anymore to cover himself and then a week or so later I discover he is arranging to buy more or has bought more.Again this started when he was away, but that is no excuse.I have confronted him and I was physically shaking with adrenalin when was doing so, he didn't say anything, only 'sorry'.I would always say work at your marriage but if he is using cocaine then things will get a lot worse.You say he could lose everything but so could you if he loses his job and gets into debt to fund a habit.

Will he be strong enough to stop his other habit as well?However I have copied and pasted all the sexual conversations and have saved them in case I do see a solicitor in the future.The trouble is, he has now gone away again, and I have said you must not talk to live women on the Internet, you can look at still images or videos but not real women. I have quite a mixed up story to tell and just wondered if any of you were willing to give some advice, any advice would be good.Well here goes, my husband has been working away for the last two years in poor areas of Africa. He comes home every 6-8 weeks or so, I am working part time and have 2 girls that are 3 and 7.

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He has a found someone who sells it locally and has been taking it fairly regularly at home.

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