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It is worthy of remark that the English word pig, besides denoting the same animal as baulo, is of the same original import, being clearly derived from the same root as big, that which is bulky, and the Turkish buyuk, great, huge, vast.

It is connected with the English bowle or bole, the trunk of a tree; also with bowl, boll, and belly; also with whale, the largest of fish, and wale, a tumour; also with the Welsh bol, a belly, and bala, a place of springs and eruptions.

When two characters talk about someone else who is present in a language the third party supposedly doesn't speak, and the third party turns out to speak that language , it's a Bilingual Backfire.

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Baba (grandmother,old woman,hag); Baba Yaga, the female demon of the Steppes.

According to the Hindu mythology, there is a hell of mud; the bengues of the Gypsies seem to be its tenants.

An affix used in forming the second person singular of the present tense; e.g.

Possible, it is possible: astis mangue, I can; astis lengue, they can.

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