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Steiner Schools are designed to assist the spirits to enter children’s bodies as they grow and to prepare their souls for better lives.

That is, the beneficial or harmful effects you have on the world will revisit you as you reincarnate and determine the sort of physical existence you have.

Her constituency will overlap with the catchment area for the first Steiner School opened under the scheme, in the Somerset town of Frome.

She consulted with a Minister in the Department of Education. The Core Beliefs of Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science Rudolf Steiner was a central figure of the occult revival at the start of the 20th Century.

Without such knowledge, we cannot fulfill our potential as fully spiritual beings.

Steiner’s visions gave him insights into all areas of human life, including farming (biodynamics), art, dance, diet, architecture, biology, history, geology, finance, and, crucially for us here, medicine and education. In order to understand Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science, we need to understand the core and basic concepts of Steiner’s world view.

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Those animals with good karma will progress to become apes, Indians and finally Aryans – white and fair Germanic-Nordic humans. Disabled people somehow must have wanted to be disabled though actions in previous lives.

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