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is using a *signed* certificate - obviously it would mean something is wrong.

How can I find out if it is the case, that they are?

LEA doesn't ask, they hand court orders: Lavabit wasn't exactly "asked" for their SSL keys.

The certificates are not fake, they are real valid certificates the private key of which is not fake, just different one.

Considering the attention to detail in other parts of their software, not understanding technical nuances isn't credible explanation. Whats App has intentionally deviated from what Moxie offered them.

I've read studies and heard speeches in academic circles that theorize that concept, but we never would issue a 'fake' SSL certificate," Jones said, arguing that would violate the SSL auditing standards and put them at risk of losing their certification.

• February 3, 2018 AM @Anders Quoting Moxie, the PKI is "total ripoff and mostly worthless".

It's weird how we strongly condemn the idea of backdoors and golden keys, yet accept the golden keys provided by CAs.

This isn't something these companies really want to solve.

The elevators in Singapore are now all equipped with 2 CCTV cameras in the housing apartments and this is very very spooky.

I made a point to never answer calls, not to unlock the phone and not to even show the phone screen when entering and inside the lift.

I have tried to explain to relatives and friends on the dangers of using the phone or even just unlocking it for a call but AI have been labeled as paranoid and surely enough, officials have released statements that the CCTVs in the elevators and public areas are all networked and run through "filters" and "programs" for "Anti-Terrorism" efforts.

If you have someone important to message, think along the lines of the US President but on a easier to replicate scale.

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Equally bad are the large Internet companies that handle massive amounts of user data without providing additional security (like E2EE) from them.

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