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Playful flirting and a sensual shower together leads to increasing sexual attraction that reaches critical mass.

As Sean lies in bed stroking his thick cock, Liam stands nearby, also hard and stroking and when he's bent over with near-feverish intensity he mutters in a semi-hoarse whisper, " Fuck...

Meet Liam Riley, the newest Cocky Boys exclusive model.

Liam is a fun and flirty ball of energy from California, but he's determined to take New York by storm.

And when I say respect, I mean that our performers earn a [more....] Watch Trailer Become a Member Featuring: Liam Riley & Topher Dimaggio Description: Topher Dimaggio and Liam Riley are chilling and talking about how they first met.

These two have a bit of a history but that doesn't change the fact that they're totally into each other in every possible way.

"Room 717, ten minutes," Liam says, exiting the elevator. He hops in the shower filled with nerves at the pit of his stomach... He's unsure of his intentions, but it turns him on.

This First film was shot on location in Berlin, Germany at the Schwules Museum, one of the few museums dedicated to LGBT history, art and culture.Dean starts to make out with Liam, but Liam wants a bit more privacy..he plays hard to get with Dean!Liam leads him on a fun little chase through [more....] Watch Trailer Become a Member Featuring: Arad Win Win & Liam Riley Description: Liam Riley is very horny... This is his ultimate fantasy: he's in a hotel room, he leaves the room, he sees a man in the elevator.Liam soon begs for Sean's cock and with just a hint of teasing Sean gives him every inch.He [more....] Watch Trailer Become a Member Featuring: Bravo Delta, Chris Harder, Dean Monroe, Diesel Washington, Dillon Rossi, Duncan Black, Frankie Valentine, Jake Bass, Jasper Robinson, Levi Karter, Levi Michaels, Liam Riley, Max Carter, Max Ryder, Ricky Roman & Tayte Hanson Description: Enter the world of Answered Prayers, now released in its entirety on the site for the first time, in anticipation of its sequel ALL SAi NTS coming in early 2018.

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