Flir hookup cam

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Flir hookup cam

Also, because of its ability to produce an image without visible light, thermal imaging is ideal for night vision cameras.When it comes to robotics, thermal cameras are especially useful heat detectors because the image that they produce (by virtue of being, well, an image) can be processed using the same techniques and software as visible light images. Just a handful of F/F jumper wires as well as a monitor, keyboard and accompanying cables for your Raspberry Pi.

The installer at my new house is trying to get me to US FLIR cameras (model DNE12TL2, onvif 2.1 compliant) I don't see this manufacturer anywhere on the compatibility page and am wondering if anyone has used them with any success?

When you exit raspi-config, it will ask if you want to reboot.

Go ahead and do it so that the changes we just made will stick.

By measuring this resistance, you can determine the temperature of the object that emitted the radiation and create a false-color image that encodes that data.

Thermal imaging of this type is often used in building inspection (to detect insulation leaks), automotive inspection (to monitor cooling performance) and medical diagnosis.

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And in order to make the PTZ work, I need to position the camera through the flir interface but save the position in surveillance station and it works from there.

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