Exclusive dating matchmaking firms

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People have truly taken notice and have come to depend on the team for help to find a perfect partner with shared values, a similar lifestyle, and perhaps a like-minded philosophy.

Most importantly, Ivy team members assure clients that the right partner really is out there. “It’s probably what I’m most proud of: assembling a unique team of individuals who are the heart of Ivy.” Inga told us her team is very diverse and come from an array of cultural backgrounds — with 11 different nationalities on board.

They are not sure what women want.” Inga told us it’s Ivy International’s goal to help bridge such gaps in understanding and create opportunities of a lifetime for modern singles.

She is constantly looking to push the envelope of her own success by continuing to rebrand and expand.

The Short Version: When Matchmaker Inga Verbeeck founded Ivy International, she was clear about her driving philosophy: to stay true to her belief in what she calls “trickle-down-lov-o-nomics” as a means of contributing to a happier world.

Inga told us when successful, influential people find fulfillment in their relationships it trickles into every aspect of their lives and into the lives of those around them.

After 13 years in the steel industry, Inga chose to pursue matchmaking because, everywhere she looked, she noticed most people shared a desire to find lasting love.

As a successful business woman, Inga was also able to bring her unique perspective on gender roles in the professional world into her work with successful singles.

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Inga’s early work as a yachting journalist and photographer allowed her to report from around the world — a learning experience that would inform her later work as an entrepreneur and business consultant.

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