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Web Kit is a browser engine used in Apple's Safari browser and other products.

Web Kit is also the basis for the experimental browser included with the Amazon Kindle e-book reader, and for the default browser in Apple i OS, Black Berry Browser in OS 6 and above, and Tizen mobile operating systems.

According to Apple, some changes involved OS X-specific features (e.g., Objective-C, KWQ, Apple submitted their changes in large patches containing very many changes with inadequate documentation, often to do with future additions.

Thus, these patches were difficult for the KDE developers to integrate back into KHTML.

The Web Kit team had also reversed many Apple-specific changes in the original Web Kit code base and implemented platform-specific abstraction layers to make committing the core rendering code to other platforms significantly easier.

In June 2007, Apple announced that Web Kit had been ported to Microsoft Windows as part of Safari.GNOME's Web supported both Gecko and Web Kit for some time, but the team decided that Gecko's release cycle and future development plans would make it too cumbersome to continue supporting it.Web Kit is used to render HTML and run Java Script in the Adobe Integrated Runtime application platform.This was announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2005 by Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Bertrand Serlet.In mid-December 2005, support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) was merged into the standard build and in early January 2006 the source code was migrated from Concurrent Versions System (CVS) to Subversion (SVN).

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